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This site needs more heatbags

  1. We'reAllBrownNosers African Astronaut
    Lanny understands since he works for the feds and has several friends that do as well. What this site needs is more heat. We need more heatbags. It's not as serious as totse, sure, it's more of a troll site where people post silly stuff for the 'lulz' but it could be more vibrant. Needs more activity. Spectral has a way of saying the opposite of what he really wants people to know at times. He's very cryptic. Here's one example of that

    Originally posted by -SpectraL Because unnecessary heat, and heatbags, may get everyone here investigated and/or a subpoena issued, and that's not good for anyone here.

    What he really means is that the more heat the site gets, the better. It needs more attention from the feds and popo so that the community can grow. Heatbags will weed out the careless members anyhow.
  2. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Needs more ball bags too, less whiny vaginas.
  3. itybit Tuskegee Airman [daze my amino pe-tsai]
    What on earth are heatbags?
  4. mmQ motherfucker
    Originally posted by itybit What on earth are heatbags?

    Context my dear.
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