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I wish to be a Forum Polygamist

  1. mashlehash victim of incest
    strong hand,

    clad trust,

    sewn soil for the next bend,

    Whores. I Am Chalk. No I'm not. Yes I am.

    I'm not Enter, who should have been thrown out of a fucking window, not rabbitweed.

    I hear he can talk Australian with his Pussy Eater, but we shouldn't have to talk about that right now.

    You know what, fuck it. I'm about to post this thread because I know everyone single SCRONALDO is going to come to this thread with a half beaten betty, having done misery, with the lingering smell of Sean's Taint on it.

    Who wants to sign up? If you are a maaale faggot and you try to sign up, I will treat you equivocally different.

    A man is not a woman, Sean
  2. mashlehash victim of incest
    FACT: Electricity comes out of my penis.
  3. DontTellEm Space Nigga
    Lol@ pussy eater.
  4. mashlehash victim of incest
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