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I make more in a year than you make in a week.

  1. Item 9 African Astronaut
    How do you like them apples 🍎
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
  2. mmQ motherfucker
    You make more than 8 bajillion a year????
  3. mashlehash victim of incest
    Cock Suckers
  4. mmQ motherfucker
    he's on fire!
  5. mashlehash victim of incest
    Holding an apple just to yurdle and grope, teeming the test of __________

  6. mmQ motherfucker
    Jeremiah looked longingly at his mom before grabbing his hand out of her pocket.

    "Mom, were not doing this right now."
  7. gadzooks Naturally Camouflaged [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
    It literally took me a minute for it to kick in (the thread's title, not the drugs - they kicked in about 15 minutes ago).
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