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Sahara Train - I really want to do this

  1. Soyboy IV: The Flower of Death and The Crystal of Life African Astronaut [the oppositely able-bodied hop-step-and-jump]

    I presume F+F is the travel forum now, as it mentions the outdoors.

    I really want to do this train ride, and see Mauritania. The country is pretty much wild as can be, they even have slaves. There's basically no tourism or anything - it's basically a medieval Muslim country, so it's one place to go to be completely outside the confines of globo-homo.

    Also you could even travel to Timbuktu, which brings bragging rights.
    It's in Mali, which is next to Mauritania.
  2. We'reAllBrownNosers African Astronaut
    Go for it. The only women you'll be able to have sex with are black though lmao
  3. Mel Gibson Houston
    You might get raped by Tuaregs, carry a scimitar and you'll be fine good luck and godspeed, believe in Christ
  4. vindicktive vinny Naturally Camouflaged
    be this a caustic cautionary tale.
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