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Sahara Train - I really want to do this

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    Soyboy IV: The Flower of Death and The Crystal of Life African Astronaut [the oppositely able-bodied hop-step-and-jump]

    I presume F+F is the travel forum now, as it mentions the outdoors.

    I really want to do this train ride, and see Mauritania. The country is pretty much wild as can be, they even have slaves. There's basically no tourism or anything - it's basically a medieval Muslim country, so it's one place to go to be completely outside the confines of globo-homo.

    Also you could even travel to Timbuktu, which brings bragging rights.
    It's in Mali, which is next to Mauritania.
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    We'reAllBrownNosers African Astronaut
    Go for it. The only women you'll be able to have sex with are black though lmao
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    Mel Gibson Houston
    You might get raped by Tuaregs, carry a scimitar and you'll be fine good luck and godspeed, believe in Christ
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    be this a caustic cautionary tale.
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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]

    Bald and Bankrupt just did this.

    I was jealous, until I watched the video. Mauritania doesn't look that nice.
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