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Not drunk but my body thinks so

  1. Ughhu Houston [tepidly antiquate my affinity]
    Mentally I feel crystal clear. I’ve been casually drinking for 5 hrs(and had 2 meals) approx 8 shots fireball &6 beer. My belly is acting like I’m gonna be sick but I’m not drunk yet! I’ve also snorted a bunch of Ritalin. Maybe that’s why
  2. Ughhu Houston [tepidly antiquate my affinity]
    I also have a cold and have drank a bunch of cough syrup now that I think of it
  3. HTS highlight reel
    haha take more cough syrup and drink more alcohol

    that is the only combination of drugs on which i have blacked out and woken up to a room that was completely trashed like a bomb went off
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