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Why do people love charity cases so much?

  1. Madman African Astronaut
    But only specific ones. There are like sanctioned people to feel empathy and compassion for like black people or orphans. I used to feed homeless people in a food not bombs group but the other anarchists didn't give a shit about the homeless people. I find that I can only stomach having empathy or compassion for people that no one else does and a little disdain for the culturally sanctioned.
  2. GGG victim of incest
    It's part of pur tribal nature. All depends on how you view that person. Are they part of your tribe or not?
  3. It helps assuage guilt built up as a result of completely useless lives
  4. Madman African Astronaut
    This was supposed to start a meaningful conversation about who you do or don't empathize with and why or why not.
  5. Ghost Dark Matter [fabulously attend this hattiesburg]
    Can I borrow 20 I had a bad childhood
  6. Nil African Astronaut
    wait, so do hate orphans then?
  7. Mewsik African Astronaut [diagonally photosensitise my summation]
    I find myself feeling less and less empathy, the older I get and the more I just sorry for people. I don’t have a need or desire to help or comfort people I feel sorry for.

    I will always feel empathy for children, people born with disabilities, those who have PTSD, mothers in abusive relationships and all animals.

    After years of practicing compassion, and being burned by those who I’ve put my heart and time out there for ... I’ve had to learn to keep my distance in a lot of situations.
  8. mikeyagain African Astronaut [unalterably regard the persecutor]
    Originally posted by Nil wait, so do hate orphans then?

    You better, you might get in trouble for messin with them...
  9. Madman African Astronaut
    I hate some orphans that make me feel like I HAVE to feel compassion for them, I'm also a dick to small children, idk why
  10. Ghost Dark Matter [fabulously attend this hattiesburg]
    can i borrow 20 i had a bad day/year
  11. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    your feelings of guilt toward predesignated groups are a necessary component of a cultural rationalization occurring on a larger scale
  12. Madman African Astronaut
    who r u talking to?
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  13. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    talking was never my intention, I just stumbled in here and gave my thoughts.
  14. GGG victim of incest
    Hey who's making all this noise
  15. Madman African Astronaut
    ok I see now, I wouldn't call it guilt is why I was confused
  16. GGG victim of incest
    Keep it down
  17. Narc African Astronaut [connect my yokel-like scolytidae]
    I feel empathy for a lot of people who have a bad hand dealt to them in life. I won't give money to the major charities tho coz I know behind each one is some greedy rich fuck paying themselves multimillion dollar salaries straight out of the donations. I fucking hate them for doing that the sick selfish cunts. Some of the biggest cunts that ever walked the earth these people.

  18. DietPiano victim of incest
    I was going to donate to sploo but then i got arrested
  19. DietPiano victim of incest
    But yeah, basically cuteness is form of magic to some people, so they spend money to try to preserve more cuteness. See: Save the Whales, Save the Pandas, etc
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