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The Race Jump relationship rule

  1. DietPiano motherfucker
    Are it so that more attractive women who are of a less attractive race will jump into a more highly attractive race, but will join with a less attractive man of that race, given that the woman isn't in the top 12% hotness of her own respective race?

    It appears to be true. White women don't jump down into a less attractive race unless the man (almost exclusively black)is himself in the top 10% of his race.

    However, fine looking blacks (lowest), latinas (next lowest), arabs (only if they have their nose pierced), and finally asians (who are the highest behind whites), will jump for a lesser white bc it is still more superior than a more attractive (lol) member of the other races.
    *Asians are high enough on the totem pole that they may be quite a bit more pickier than say, a black of equivalent attractiveness.

    This is assuming wealth/status is not a significant factor.
  2. DietPiano motherfucker
  3. GGG victim of incest [my veinlike two-fold aepyornidae]
    You need to go outside more and stop trying to formulate how an ugly white boy like you is gonna get pussy.
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