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The search for fonaplats (???!)

  1. DietPiano African Astronaut

    I fucking hate you DietPiano, you schizophrenic piece of mammoth meat. Who even ARE you? Nobody besides DH has entered into this forum since Zoklet. I bet you actually are a datehut nigger. That, or a very intricate alt of scron.

    Nobody even knows when scron joined either. He's a conspiracy in and of himself. I hope your cock falls off while you're serving shit soup to bridge goblins.

    I love you.

    Let me give thanks to myself this holiday season.
  2. Space Nigga
    I don't understand what is going on in here.
  3. Ghost Space Nigga
    Dietpiano is my alt
  4. Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Ghost Dietpiano is my alt

    do you share it with anyone?
  5. Flatulant_bomb Tuskegee Airman
    I should have wrote down his fone number.
  6. Ghost Space Nigga
    No :(
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