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Israel Shamir claims things were better in the past

  1. Soyboy III: The Quest for 911 Truth Tuskegee Airman [oppositely expose the hypermetropia]
    The French are the best. The men don’t get fat. The women don’t sleep alone. The kids are well-behaved. They have the best architecture, the best way of living, best bread, best wine, best olive oil, best cooking, some of the best writing, films, painting, poetry, perfume – and women. They also excel in revolutions. Each revolution of theirs is a peach, perfect, round and juicy. They open a new epoch for mankind.

    Just thinking of a French revolution makes me feel young, for I remember the previous one, in May 1968, and it was a beauty, the revolution of Forbidden to Forbid. It ushered us into the short-living paradise of permissible. Believe it or not, we could freely flirt with the opposite sex, we could smoke in the pubs and cafés, we could have a drink and drive. We could rent a room for small price, and roam Europe for $5 a day. Workers weren’t fired, jobs were aplenty, there were no one-year contracts, parking was free and gasoline cheap. Oh yes, and the cotton was high.

    Previously, the world had been hard, cold and rigid – more or less the way it is now, with prohibitions overtaking permissions.

    Even I can remember when we had way more freedom. For instance Ireland recently cut the drink driving limit to 0, so you can't even have a beer with dinner anymore. You can't smoke inside anymore (this doesn't bother me).

    And just like everywhere else rent is always going up, driving becomes more expensive and complex every year, there are new restrictions on petrol and weedkillers and acids, etc.

    Would you like to have some fun? No fun for you. Fun is for the rich.
  2. Loing Tuskegee Airman
    If u jam ur thumb in and out of your ass real fast before you shit, it comes out faster
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  3. Technologist motherfucker
    Oh waaaaaaaaaa!😭
  4. Ghost Black Hole
    Driving is just a license for the government to charge you more money for existing and have the legal authority to search you at all times.

    If you leave your house you are just asking to get fucked by the long dick of the law.
  5. Archer513 African Astronaut
    The drunk driving thing is a Money grab.

    No one is causing wrecks or killing anyone at .08.
  6. Ghost Black Hole
    Laws are based off judeo Christian values not public safety or logic
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