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Under what conditions do you give charity?

  1. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    I don't have much disposable income, usually none at all. But if the cashier at my grocery store asks me to round up to the nearest dollar for X cause, I do it. When I see someone ringing a bell outside, usually at this time of year, I'll give him a few dollars if I have the money on me. But this is essentially 'at my convenience' and doesn't seem like a particularly thoughtful basis for contribution. What about you?
  2. i donate my sperm all the time.
  3. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Yeah, but do you ejaculate indiscriminately over the dirty faces of homeless children under the El? If not you might be yuppie classist garbage
  4. i prefer to keep my philiantrophist avtivities private.
  5. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    bitch, you're not subverting the mechanism of control through poverty and hunger if you aren't seen giving your seed to the needy
  6. define 'needy'.
  7. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Generally, the grocer does that for me, or some nigger in Union station identifies himself.
  8. tee hee hee African Astronaut [slangily complete this slumberer]
    I usually don't but sometimes when you are paying for groceries they ask if you would like to donate so i donated to a childrens hospital. (Its not much tho the cashier asks ask 1 or 2$)
  9. GGG Self Important (banned)
    I never, ever donate. I'll let those who make more money than me take care of it. I need to be donated TO.
  10. Bueno A Glow-In-The-Dark
    Originally posted by Zanick I don't have much disposable income, usually none at all. But if the cashier at my grocery store asks me to round up to the nearest dollar for X cause, I do it.

    Same, or if the ask for a dollar.
    For the rounding up, id imagine they can really do well if they made this everywhere.
  11. Loing Tuskegee Airman
    I give some money every month to effective altruism charities and do the rounding thing, St Judens can have my shekel dust for all I care.

    I make more considerations for homeless people etc though. I'll usually only give them money if they don't look like they're gonna go and spend it on crack ASAP.
  12. Ghost Dark Matter [fabulously attend this hattiesburg]
    I got a gram of weed for donating 3 cans of goods
  13. Loing Tuskegee Airman
    I give to education

  14. Flatulant_bomb Tuskegee Airman
    Don't throw your change in those little boxes at the cash register of the convenience store. They use that to balance their drawer at the end of their shift.
    A homeless guy asked for a couple of tacos when I was going into Taco Bell. I did because he didn't ask for the money to buy tacos.
    A nigger asked for a couple of bucks for gas, I said I didn't have any cash but I had a gas can with a few gallons in it, where are you parked? He said nevermind.
  15. -mal- Mud Farmer
    I never have cash so I don’t give to people panhandling. But I’ve brought coffee out to homeless people from my work and I’ve takeken leftover food after catering down to people on the street.

    I also donate regularly to planned parenthood and any fund raising for charity my friends are doing. The cool thing is my company will match any donations you make up to 2k.
  16. -mal- Mud Farmer
    Oh and I round up at the register or take the little dollar or two dollar coupon donations they sometimes have at HEB.
  17. DietPiano victim of incest [awhile colour my acaridiasis]
    I donate plasma (lol donate), but yeah I usually give a dollar at the register. I haven't lived in a city before, so I've been approached for the first couple times in my life. I did give a dollar in quarters to some guy outside burger king, in which I did not eat because there was a guy who fell out on the table, as well as two zombie nodders walking and standing still.

    I don't necessarily mind giving a buck every once in a while because I've been through that shit. Not poverty, but the struggle of staying well when you're dopesick and it's cold as fuck outside.
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