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Hitler's Piano Wire executions

  1. Soyboy III: The Quest for 911 Truth Tuskegee Airman [oppositely expose the hypermetropia]
    It is accepted as fact that hitler ordered eight of the conspirators be hanged with piano wire .

    This was personal for Hitler so he reportedly not only viewed films of the executions but laughed delightedly at their suffering. His already precarious mental state deteriorated significantly after the close call with his paranoia reaching new heights.

    Hitler was never the same after the bomb blast of July 20th. At first, everyone around him optimistically thought he had only suffered minor injuries. But by the next day, various symptoms indicated some deeper problems. The bomb had exploded about six feet to his right. As a result, Hitler began to experience a persistent earache, which steadily worsened, in his right ear and temporarily lost all hearing in that ear. It turned out he had a ruptured eardrum. Additionally, his eyes developed an odd flicker and constantly drifted to the right. His ear and eye troubles affected his balance and he staggered like a man who had been drinking, needing to carefully focus on each step as he walked.

    Presently there were four doctors hovering around the Führer and they provided a wild concoction of injections, pills and inhalers for all of his symptoms. The drugs in turn caused their own symptoms, such as severe stomach cramps, for which additional drugs were administered, resulting in an ever-increasing toxic stew of medications. On top of this, the insomnia which had plagued Hitler in recent years now became severe and he sometimes went days with little or no sleep. All of this had a dulling effect on his mind and his once-extraordinary memory and amazing recall of detail were no longer evident. At times, the exhausted Führer needed prompting as to the name of the person he was speaking with.

    Personality changes were also evident after July 20th. The now-embittered Führer became impossible to reason with, as General Guderian himself recalled: "He believed no one anymore. It had been difficult enough dealing with him. It now became a torture that grew steadily worse from month to month. He frequently lost all self control and his language grew increasingly violent."


    Apparently orders had come down from on high to make the deaths as degrading as possible; this batch, convicted August 7-8, was hanged naked this day at Berlin’s Plotzensee Prison on thin cord (piano wire, say some sources, although it’s not clear to me whether this is literally true) suspended from meathooks while cameras rolled. Video and stills from the ghastly scene were shipped back to Hitler’s bomb-damaged Polish outpost for the edification of the powers that be.

    The eight fitted for those nooses were:

    Robert Bernardis
    Albrecht von Hagen
    Paul von Hase
    Erich Hoepner
    Friedrich Karl Klausing
    Helmuth Stieff
    Erwin von Witzleben
    Peter Graf Yorck von Wartenburg


    Just like in the Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie, the July 20 plot failed when the bomb didn’t kill Hitler. As the members of the coup were rounded up, Hitler ordered some of the conspirators shot and others killed by hanging with piano wire. The worst execution was reserved for the brother of one of the conspirators. Just before death, Berthold von Stauffenberg was resuscitated and then hung again, over and over. To top it all off, Hitler ordered the other hangings and the torture-execution to be filmed so he could watch at his convenience.

    While on the surface it seems that all of Germany was behind Hitler, there were significant portions of the population fighting against him. However, his security details (first the Storm Troopers and then the SS) were very efficient in crushing any sort of dissent. Of course, that didn’t stop everyone, and Hitler was the target of dozens of assassination plots against his life. Obviously, none were successful, but a few came close. None is more famous than the failed July 20 plot.

    The plotters hoped to successfully behead the Nazi regime by arresting or killing the top leadership of Germany during World War II. To free up German soldiers from their oath to Hitler, the plot required Hitler be killed. They planned to do this with a bomb in the infamous Wolf’s Lair, during one of Hitler’s military planning sessions. Through luck and an ill-conceived explosive device, Hitler survived the blast and was able to maintain his position in power while successfully tracking down and killing every member of July 20 Plot. The ringleaders were shot as Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise’s character) famously shouted, “Long live our sacred Germany!” just before the bullets ripped into his chest.

    What’s not talked about are hundreds of others who were also rounded up—some for the crime of just being related to the conspirators. Alexander von Stauffenberg, Claus’s brother who was fighting in Greece and had nothing to do with the conspiracy, was sent to Dachau and was able to live long enough to be liberated by the Allies. Claus’s other brother Berthold was not so lucky. Berthold had actually taken part in the conspiracy, and he and hundreds of prisoners were sentenced to death by hanging. Berthold’s hanging was especially cruel.

    Under Hitler’s orders, they were hung by nooses made from piano wire to ensure that they slowly strangled to death. But right before he would have died, Berthold was revived and then executed again, only to be revived and strangled again, at least a third and fourth time. And to really cap it off, all the executions were filmed so that Hitler could watch the torture-executions at his own pleasure.


    Immediately after arresting and executing the plot leaders in Berlin, the Gestapo, the secret police force of Nazi Germany, began arresting people involved or even suspected of being involved. The opportunity was also used to eliminate other Nazi critics remaining. In total, an estimated 7,000 people were arrested of which approximately 4,980 were executed, some slowly strangled with piano wire on Hitler's insistence. Among those executed were three field marshals, nineteen generals, twenty-six colonels, two ambassadors, seven diplomats, one minister, three secretaries of state, as well as the head of the Berlin police.


    Hitler had given orders that the guilty ‘must be hanged like cattle’, and the executioners took him at his word. They condemned men were herded into a bare cell at Ploetzensee Prison and hanged with piano wire from meathooks which had been suspended from the ceiling. This ensured a slow and very painful death. One witness who saw the film later described how ‘the men dangled and strangled, their beltless trousers finally dropping off them to leave them naked in their death agony.’

    Hitler is known to have viewed the film, which had been rushed off to the developers, on the evening of the executions together with his propaganda chief, Goebbels — who was so affected by it that he had to shield his eyes to prevent himself from fainting.

    The eventual fate of the execution footage is unknown. According to Allen Dulles, the then CIA chief, thirty miles worth of footage of the trials and the executions was exposed, and later cut to about 8 miles to produce a feature-length version which was shown to audiences of army officers. The officers exposed to it found it repellent and frequently had to be ordered into the rooms where it was being screened. Many made their feelings about the film clear by turning their backs on it or, in the case of cadets at the training school at Lichterfelde, by walking out when the screening began. In the circumstances, this was brave of them, and as a result, the film was withdrawn from circulation.

    The original footage of the show trials survived, and later formed part of the evidence at the war crimes trials at Nuremburg. The footage of the executions has never been found and it has been assumed that Hitler ordered it to be destroyed to prevent it falling into Allied hands.

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    Damn wtf that was from quora? I wanted more
  3. Soyboy III: The Quest for 911 Truth Tuskegee Airman [oppositely expose the hypermetropia]
    Originally posted by GGG Damn wtf that was from quora? I wanted more

    Quora can be a pretty great site at times, some people on there with great stories.
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    Originally posted by MORALLY SUPERIOR BEING III: The Quest for 911 Truth


    fake news.

    ally propaganda.
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    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny fake news.

    ally propaganda.

    Has the ring of truth to it.
  6. vindicktive vinny Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by -SpectraL Has the ring of truth to it.


    two avatars in one day/night ?
  7. Soyboy III: The Quest for 911 Truth Tuskegee Airman [oppositely expose the hypermetropia]
    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny fake news.

    ally propaganda.

    More evidence than the Holocaust
  8. vindicktive vinny Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by MORALLY SUPERIOR BEING III: The Quest for 911 Truth More evidence than the Holocaust

    and you have seen these 'evidences' with your own eyes ?
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