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Traveling cheap

  1. Odigo Messenger - Now With Free 911 Service Houston [back fudge my lingam]
    Doesn't seem to be a travel forum here, so posting tips.
    For cheap flights.

    Always search hotels using multiple apps to find specials. Sometimes it's cheaper to book online than pay, I've wound up paying online in a hotel lobby before to save money.

    Wash clothes in the bath and dry using the hairdryer.

    Anything else?
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  2. Ghost Dark Matter [fabulously attend this hattiesburg]


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  3. GGG victim of incest
    Learn enough of a language to be able to count so you can haggle. It's basic and easy. Bring notes if you need em, they'll appreciate the effort and will be more likely to give you better deals.
  4. Grimace African Astronaut [my enumerable hindi guideword]
    If you're bringing a lot of clothes with you, avoid those checked bag fees with some no vacuum space saving bags. You can squeeze the air out yourself in case a vacuum isn't available wherever you're staying. With something like these, it's easy to cram a lot of shit into them and compress them down into a carry on bag. Also, most airlines allow a "personal item" - for women this can be a purse, for men, a briefcase or laptop case. USE THEM. Cram those full of shit, too. Fuck checked bags.

    Depending on your accommodation needs, a hotel may be fine for you. A really shitty slumlord hotel may be fine for you if your only purpose of having it is to have a place to rest your head at night and take a shower because you're going to be away/exploring all day. A lot of people, in my opinion, spend far too much on their hotel and that takes a big chunk out of their total budget for their trip. Unless you're the type of person who vacations/travels to literally just lie in the bed and do nothing and THAT is your vacation, then go cheap on your hotel. I'm not necessarily saying get one in Cracktown, but if you have no reason to get a 5-star hotel or even a 3 or 4, then don't. Get a 2 star hotel with decent reviews relatively close to the area you will mainly be in. You're more than likely only going to be there to sleep, change clothes, and shower anyway.

    If you are traveling with a party, I've found that airbnb or other websites similar to it are cheaper than a hotel. Rent a house for the time you'll be there and split it between however many you're with. You get an entire home rather than a hotel suite or two and when divided between everyone, you come out cheaper than if you tried to get a hotel suite of similar quality.

    Check Groupon for events/places that you are interested in visiting. Many times you'll find discounts on popular places. Check the business website also, you can sometimes find coupons.

    Check a "On The Cheap" website for the place you're going. I don't know if every place has one, but here is an example: - Every major city I have gone to has one. They will list discounts, coupons, deals, etc. A quick and easy reference for shit to do ON THE CHEAP!

    Plan your trip with - It doesn't necessarily equate to cheaper, but it does make things more efficient if you have your trip planned out. I despise going on a trip someone else has planned/running and after hours of travel to get there and getting to our hotel, we're just standing there like, "Now what?" because they figured they'd figure it all out once we got there. Wasted time. Time = money. Figure it out beforehand. Make an itinerary. TripHobo makes it pretty simple with a "drag and drop" layout to organize your days and can be printed or viewed via their mobile app. I use it every time I go somewhere.

    That's all I can think of off-hand.
  5. DontTellEm Space Nigga
    Lol@ wash clothes in the bath & dry them w a hair blowdryer. Umm 🙃
  6. vindicktive vinny Naturally Camouflaged
    be a real man.

    fly malaysian air.
  7. Odigo Messenger - Now With Free 911 Service Houston [back fudge my lingam]
    Originally posted by DontTellEm Lol@ wash clothes in the bath & dry them w a hair blowdryer. Umm 🙃

    It works. The trick is to wear synthetics, they dry faster and fold up smaller.
  8. GGG victim of incest
    Originally posted by DontTellEm Lol@ wash clothes in the bath & dry them w a hair blowdryer. Umm 🙃

    I spent an entire month doing this lol. It works great. I hung everything up in my hotel room though.

    Tip: Only bring a carry on and personal item. You can get a bag with the exact dimensions of most airline's requirements. This way you don't have to wait for your checked baggage to roll around.

    Space saver bags don't work well for this because you won't be able to keep your clothes compressed the whole time. So if you use em make sure you pack an extra bag. I prefer to roll everything up military style. With a normal carry on you can easily carry a week of clothes if you need to.

    Also Netflix now allows you to download movies to watch when without internet, like on a plane. Do that. You'll thank me later.
  9. GGG victim of incest
    I've also done it before when I was poor lol
  10. vindicktive vinny Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by Odigo Messenger - Now With Free 911 Service It works. The trick is to wear synthetics,

    thanks for filling our oceans with plastics.
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