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no one comes into this forum

  1. Space Nigga
    You're all afraid to talk about the boogieman
  2. Ghost Space Nigga
    You post once a week fuck you
  3. Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Ghost You post once a week fuck you

    See what I'm saying.. you completely avoided the topic regarding the boogieman
  4. Ghost Space Nigga
    Take your meds you schizo
  5. Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Ghost Take your meds you schizo

    I was sitting outside a motel in a shitty part of town. and I figured out something regarding roman numerals (I just gave away the motel) and I started to think that it was a safehouse for CIA and clandesent workers. I dropped off some guy that seemed he was phishing or gaslighting me a bit.. then made it clear who he was (for real and I believe he was the real thing)

    I went back a year later but forgot what the fuck I had came across.

    seems I ascended to alien minded back down to caveman. I wonder what the fuck they fed me all that time. I've not found ascension in a while.

    Oh well. I did find a neat looking old hook in a gas station bathroom while I was peeing. but I put it back. it was dirty like my thoughts.
  6. Ghost Space Nigga
    Damn that sucks I've always been lucid except for when I do a lot of drugs.
  7. cupocheer Space Nigga [unwillingly condescend the dp]
    The Boogieman?

    Gene Kelly?
  8. SpaceCakes Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by cupocheer The Boogieman?

    Gene Kelly?

    how does Gene Kelly follow?
  9. Ghost Space Nigga
    FBI is asleep post illegal porn
  10. vindicktive vinny African Astronaut
    FBI doesnt work during shutdown.
  11. Mewsik African Astronaut [diagonally photosensitise my summation]
    thats why we have all these new posters ...
  12. I came in this forum, and posted a thread, but it was so insanely accurate and truthful, it had to be deleted so that the world didn't implode in on itself.
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