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Nigga haircuts

  1. DietPiano victim of incest
    I was in the mall the other day and caught the back of my neck in the mirror of a dressing room, and my neck hair was disturbing.

    There were two hairdresser/barbershops in the mall, and I went to the sports type one because I thought it would be cheaper.
    It was all black and brown barbers, except for one lone white guy with sleeve tattoos.

    I asked the first open barber if he would shave the back of my neck for $5. He said yeah, yeah. Then I said "While I'm here, you might as well give me a full haircut, just take the dead ends off". I do not have long hair, it took maybe like between 5 and 10 minutes, and he says to me "Yeah, uh, so a haircut is $30 even." Nigga', (and he was a negroe) it went from $5 dollars for 5 minutes, to $30 dollars for 15? Back home a 15 minute haircut is less than $15 bucks, minus tip.

    This was a sports salon, mind you, with Sportscenter going and 8 barbers in a chain barber business, I was the only white guy there. I looked at him funny at the register, and he kinda looked down, because I know he was just ripping me off because I'm white and wore a upper middle class jacket. I didn't tip, I figured the haircut was worth $20 generously, with a $10 tip included.

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