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Selling shit on ebay

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    With a fresh account, no sells on record.

    I have positive buyer feedback for like, maybe 7ish purchases, but that's it.

    Will my stuff sell? Or will it sit and not get bids/only get small bids?
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    Grimace African Astronaut [my enumerable hindi guideword]
    Of course you'll sell, but your sales will be slow and if you are selling strictly via auction, I wouldn't expect too much. Just offer fair pricing for whatever you DO sell, make sure the items you ship are as described in the listing, provide plenty of high quality photos and a detailed description of the items, ship quickly, package the items well, and you'll quickly build a good seller reputation.
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    Narc Space Nigga [connect my yokel-like scolytidae]
    I only had two feedbacks when I started selling shit. Just put them up as byy it now and listed them slightly cheaper then the cheapest other bin offer. Shit was selling pretty quick.

    Good comms as well, people like to be kept informed.

    Are you still stuck on that 10 sales per month bullshit?

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    GGG victim of incest [my veinlike two-fold aepyornidae]
    What are you trying to sell? There are some things I would not go to ebay to buy/sell.
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