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Cuuhl jebs

  1. DietPiano victim of incest
    Cool hot new jobs 4 coo guy

    Short term jobs, at least "okay" pay, no/minimal manual labour.

    -I saw a poster in a pawn shop that said they were hiring and offering $25/hr OTJ training. Would be a fun gig

    I thought about food delivery bc I have car. Undecided as to whether that would be conducive to my overall goals, as I'm not interacting with people a whole lot driving 4 grubhub or whathaveyou.

  2. Technologist motherfucker
    There are more jobs than workers in Ohio. It’s common nowadays to hear radio commercials for employment, and all kinds of hiring blitzes.

    The perfect job for a cool guy like you? I’m gonna say what just popped in my mind, don’t know why, but mortician popped into my mind.
  3. DietPiano victim of incest
    still job looking post jobs
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