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Do cards encourage spending

  1. Is it harder to spend if you have your money in cash? You can actually see what you're giving over.

    Would people spend even less if their cash was in the forms of coins of precious metal, such as silver?

    Or crypto?
  2. JĎ…icebox African Astronaut [my discreditably blistery mid-november]
    I find it much more difficult to spend large amounts of cash, and I'm more aware of how much I'm spending.

    We have a vending machine at work that accepts cards, and I'd just keep swiping my card and getting a Red Bull or Monster three or four times a day for over a year.

    One day I had a bunch of snarl bills, and decided to use those instead. I was shocked at how much I was spending. At that point I finally realized that I was spending $360 a month on energy drinks. That's a fucking car payment.

    I leave my cards at home 99% of the time now.
  3. not for me, and i judge people who that is the case for
  4. Its easier to spend cash, it feels good.
  5. POLECAT Space Nigga [my presentably immunised ammonification]
    I spend the fuck out of cash but when its on my card I act like I'm broke
  6. no. my spending habits cant be swayed by outside influences.
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