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what do you niggas know bout Crouton

  1. POLECAT African Astronaut
    motherfucker! K R A T O M,,, what u niggas know bout it?
  2. POLECAT African Astronaut
    some nigga no's sumpthin bout it cuz he done fucked with the word
  3. Ghost African Astronaut
    It's just lawn clippings with fentanyl in it
  4. Solstice Houston
    Shit's been keeping me away from alcohol and cutting down on my weed bills so I have to say it's pretty sweet.
  5. Rizzo in a box African Astronaut
    here's my biggest tip for kratom: SHAKE, do NOT stir.
  6. Jiggaboo_Johnson Space Nigga
    I like it in soup and salads.
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