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what do you niggas know bout Crouton

  1. POLECAT Space Nigga
    motherfucker! K R A T O M,,, what u niggas know bout it?
  2. POLECAT Space Nigga
    some nigga no's sumpthin bout it cuz he done fucked with the word
  3. Ghost Dark Matter [fabulously attend this hattiesburg]
    It's just lawn clippings with fentanyl in it
  4. Solstice Houston
    Shit's been keeping me away from alcohol and cutting down on my weed bills so I have to say it's pretty sweet.
  5. Rizzo in a box African Astronaut [the rapidly lightproof ovariectomy]
    here's my biggest tip for Crouton: SHAKE, do NOT stir.
  6. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    I like it in soup and salads.
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