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How long will resin last stored away in a jar or container?

  1. PrettyHateMachine African Astronaut
    If I scrape out the resin of my pipe and etc and store it all in a 40oz bottle over the years, will it still be potent enough years down?
    Recently I have been smoking resin from my pipe that is mostly from ABV, and the first couple of times I legit got buzzed.
    If I were to keep my vaporizer resin (because as soon as I get moved in somewhere I'm putting the pipe in the closet) in a 40oz bottle and collected that for about five or so years, then six or seven years later do you think it would still be any good?
    I'm thinking of like ... collecting it all until the bottle is completely full so like in like 10 years from now when I'm in VR ready to celebrate new years eve I'll be like "Hollllly shit yeah fuck I forgot I had a 40oz bottle full of vape resin omg" then load that shit in a bowl and gravity that shit.
  2. Ghost Dark Matter [fabulously attend this hattiesburg]
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