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Excessively Whingey Cat

  1. This is an outdoor cat nigga, we ain't like Bill Krozby lying in piles of catshit :D

    Anyway, my aunt called me and had me take a kitten that is always meowing at her and looking in the windows, etc.

    Part of it is that the cat may be lonely - there were 3 kittens in her back yard, but when they got older and were able to climb the fence they got into trouble - one was killed on the road and one disappeared.

    So now I have a kitten I don't really want. Would getting it a friend help? And what do you do with a cat that is excessively mewey and annoying anyway?
  2. Ughhu Tuskegee Airman [tepidly antiquate my affinity]
    I heard when you put them in a pillow sack with a couple rocks and toss it off a bridge that usually calms them down. That or microdose heroin hourly
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