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Cute dogger beats up ugly cat

  1. Look at him kicking ass!

    Rest time. He wonders about his day.

  2. Oh MY GOD. Did you get a new pup?

  3. Originally posted by ohfralala Oh MY GOD. Did you get a new pup?

    Yes, I can now convert perfectly good chicken into shit at twice the speed.

    They are brother and sister, the sister is the big red one. Haven't decided if he's going to have to be operated on.
  4. HTS highlight reel
    holy shit, so fluffyyyyy 😍
  5. I remember seeing pictures of the red one a while back. I can’t handle the cuteness. Little furry poopies.
  6. DontTellEm Space Nigga
    Um. Pretty sure he is trying to roll her into submission. No smh
  7. vindicktive vinny Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by MORALLY SUPERIOR BEING 2.0 - The GMO Reckoning

    hes not kicking ass.


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  8. #meowtoo

  9. Chewing up shoes and pulling on shoelaces is a lifestyle.

    It's all cute until he does a poop or a pee-pee on the floor.

    Although he is learning to go outside, and to look to go outside. His sister was the same way, and now she is excellent.

    The problem is that baby Pomeranians have such tiny bladders. They need to pee at least 10 times a day, and poop around 4.
  10. Mewsik African Astronaut [diagonally photosensitise my summation]
    If you keep him contained in a puppy pen, and only let him out to to potty or with supervised playtime after good puppy pee and poop time .. he will be potty trained in no time and your house won’t smell like piss and shit either 👍
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