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SnB how to get rid of NH3 (ammonia) taste - question

  1. pibblesonacid Yung Blood
    Whats a good way to get rid of the NH3 (ammonia) taste/smell? i apparently used too much annie in the rxn.

    Should i do more h2o2 washes in my sep funnel? I also read to "box" the enhancemented NP between two flasks multiple times before gassing or titrating..

  2. aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    sorry, scron got banned
  3. pibblesonacid Yung Blood
    yeah, i'm new here and have no idea who that is. is my question inappropriate?
  4. aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    no it's fine, but scron's the only one I'm aware of who'd be able to give you any practical advice that isn't just a repost from wiki or rhodium
  5. pibblesonacid Yung Blood
    ah, thanks. i'll just UTFSE and see what i turn up
  6. EllariaSand African Astronaut
    You’ll have better luck getting an answer to your questions here
  7. aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    that site gets even less traffic than we do, and I don't remember any chemists (trailer park or otherwise) posting on there
  8. EllariaSand African Astronaut
    Less traffic posting wise, yes

    Lots of lurkers and some solid chemistry

    Can’t hurt to try.....a simple search could provide already posted information as well
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  9. aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    lol, scron is posting on there now. what a fag
  10. EllariaSand African Astronaut
    Originally posted by aldra lol, scron is posting on there now. what a fag


    He’s all over the fucking place being ignored everywhere else now
  11. pibblesonacid Yung Blood
    I figured it out, "Box" the NP between two containers like 15 times each. took a while to do it without spilling NP out of the funnels but it made it go away. I searched the answer out on a repost on totseans Ellaria. I've tryed to make an account there, never heard anything. Thanks for the help everyone.

    SOLVED, pour np between 2 containers (what we called "boxing" in the commercial painting trade) until you no longer smell NH3. then continue.

  12. DietPiano Space Nigga
    I keep going back back and forth deciding whether or not I should cross meth off my bucklist.

    Scron is one of the reasons I err on the side of no, not yet
  13. mmQ motherfucker
    Originally posted by DietPiano I keep going back back and forth deciding whether or not I should cross meth off my bucklist.

    Scron is one of the reasons I err on the side of no, not yet

    Hey man just try it one time cmon man, just one little try won't hurt pal.
  14. pibblesonacid Yung Blood
    Originally posted by DietPiano I keep going back back and forth deciding whether or not I should cross meth off my bucklist.

    Scron is one of the reasons I err on the side of no, not yet

    I advise to err on the side of caution, but there's a time and place for everything and all drug intake ideally should be used in strict moderation.

    Having sex or masturbating when alone on Meth is intense. well a lot is enhanced. taste, smell, feel, hearing etc.
    gotta go to work busting ass as a landscaper? take a bump in the morning and another at lunch. get shit done.

    Meth and stimulants has helped build our cities and played a role in many aspects of society.. Like the Primus Song goes, "Those Damn Blue Collar Tweekers have ALWAYS run this town"

    I get wound up maybe once a month for a couple days, i can't run red like that more than 24hrs, after that i'm getting flaked out and my vittles are spent. I like my sleep and rest too much

    If you're curious, with no addictive tendencies, taking some bumps or eating some in a gelcap then taking it for a spin for a day wont bother you or turn you into an addict...maybe.. the addict part depends on your personality and how much you're into "catching a buzz". for me around 17 yrs old I was a buzz monster who only drew the line at IV drugs... and never shooting up was because i knew myself, i knew i would love it (friends sure did), and it would be the end of me if i did it just once. so i never did but i loved getting high on whatever was available, hallucinogens being my DOC.

    Now that I'm pushing 40yrs old my body and attitude have changed. prefer to stay sober mostly and get a buzz a couple times a month. Like to keep focus and have my wits.

    If you think you would go nuts over it... best to stay far far away. Don't feel like it would go further than a couple lines for the experience? go for it. only eat it or a couple bumps, IV and smoking is very intense and has been the factor for countless folks to discover a vice for shooting up or smoking speed.

    No smoking or IV use with oral or bump intake only just to experience the feeling wouldn't be a thing to some people.... To others, that little bump can crack their life to pieces. It's all about how you think you will react to it.. one single doubt is enough for me to advise never doing it..

    I'm not saying to do it or not, I'm just trying to explaining pros and cons on each side.

    EDIT to mention that it has been known to aggravate mental conditions like Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Psychotic conditions for example.
    so if you have a history of *ANY* Mental condition.. stay far far far away and abstain..
  15. stupid noob VICTIM of farm equipment [the momentously grade-constructed phasmatodea]
    What the fuck are you talking about too much annie in a SNB, SNB makes its own annie, and there is no such thing as too much even in a birch reduction, as long as you titrate or gas it properly. You are seriously misunderstanding whatever reaction you are doing based off of the things you said.

    BTW, my credentials are that I used to mod lab tips on totse before it was shut down, and appointed the mods on zoklet when everyone migrated there because I got sick of fucking with it. Also was just randomly given mod on BLTC (NFHC) on zoklet without even being asked if I wanted it. Then went the fuck off on zok one day for wires being a stupid dumbass whore trying to argue with me about the pharmacology of marijuana. Zok is a double nigger and I hope the AIDS has killed him by now.
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  16. pibblesonacid Yung Blood
    A strong annie taste/odor on the finished product after gassing 1st pull.

    fixed on the 2nd pull by boxing NP between two containers. not even a tiny annie smell or taste to 2nd pull after gassing.

    I'm new to here and to this SnB stuff, learning by reading a lot, experience here and there, and asking questions.

    i know an and lye produce the annie in the vessel. don't know if the lithium needs to be present or not.
  17. stupid noob VICTIM of farm equipment [the momentously grade-constructed phasmatodea]
    Protip, form the azide BEFORE adding your PSE, that is, lithium azide. IDK which "recipe" you're following, but you get a higher rate of reduction if you let the "gold beads" form before adding the PSE. Some say to add PSE first, but that shit is retarded. Also, SNB can only get up to something like 27-30% pure, the rest of what you have in your "finished" product is unreduced PSE. If you aren't a lazy bastard, and you want a cleaner more pure product, take the yield from your run, and run it a second time with fresh reagents, the exact same way, and just use your yield from the first run in place of PSE. You can double potency because it reduces another 30% or so. I suppose you could run it a third time to get around 90% pure dope if you wanted.

    Also, use an old fire extinguisher as your reaction vessel. What you should do is do one in your regular clear bottle, figure out about how long it takes for the azide to form, and remember that time length. When you do it in a FE you can't really see if the beads have formed yet, so just time it based off of that clear bottle run. This way you don't risk a bottle bursting on you, which is a fire risk (I've seen a dude burn down a house like that before lmao) and you have a pressure gauge on the FE. Higher pressure results in more ammonia formed which results in higher yields. The FE also allows you to hook a hose up to it, and hit the trigger on the FE to release gas, and pump that gas through an acidic solution like vinegar or hydrochloric acid which will GREATLY reduce any nasty smells you would get from burping a bottle.

    Make sure you have the acidic solution sitting in an ice bath though, and use salt in the ice bath because it can make it that much colder. Pumping alkaline gasses through an acidic solution is going to create a highly exothermic reaction. It'll make the acidic solution hot as fuck, really fast, so the ice bath will help you regulate the temp a little better.

    If you enjoy the chemistry aspect of this kind of thing, and aren't just doing this to get high or make money, you should start learning about chemistry, study other reduction methods like RPI, and maybe try your hand at that. RPI dope is WAY better than SNB dope. It's a fair bit harder to make, and the chems are harder to get, but it's fun as fuck, smells delicious (love rpi smell)and you can learn a lot of shit that can be carried over in to a number of other projects.

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about any of this. I don't get on here much, so if I don't answer right away shoot me a PM because I will see that for sure when I log in next time.

    The days of were fucking golden man, you missed out on a lot of cool shit. You are the same age as myself, and seem to have a similar background with psychedelic use too. You would have loved it. This place fuckin sucks compared to what totse used to be. Part of why I never come on here, there just isn't very much decent intelligent conversation being had.

    I don't actually do any of this shit anymore, I used to, which is why I am free to talk about it. Back when I did shit, you could get away with that kind of stuff a lot easier. These days, that isn't the case. If you don't already know about opsec and security both online and irl, I suggest you put some of that meth focus in to learning.
  18. stupid noob VICTIM of farm equipment [the momentously grade-constructed phasmatodea]
    Also, learn to recrystallize. That annie taste can be gotten rid of with excess gassing and rxtal. You'll also have a cleaner product.
  19. mmQ motherfucker
    Uhhh learn to not make meth :)
  20. If there is any water in your solvent or you re use enhancements/funnels that aren't clean dry you might be picking up traces of ammonia in your final extraction solvent.

    That would be my guess. The ammonia normally just evaporates by itself if left exposed to the air but not if it's dissolved in water.
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