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Gift of Cochise

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    List the subforum category next to threads in "Latest Threads".


    Thread title: My wife is a gawking, stalking, break-ASS pelican?!

    Subforum: Gearheads


    This will help users spend less time deciding which threads they want to read, and more time being insufferable faggots.
    Thanks, Love!

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    (Lanny does not like this idea and is hoping it quietly gets swept under the rug because it further promotes the "latest threads" feature [a feature he feels is currently overused] and dissaudes browsing of the topical forums. I somewhat agree with Lanny, but adapting to new, faster, and better functions is an important part of life.)

    I am fucking retard.
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    cupocheer Space Nigga [unwillingly condescend the dp]
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    Lanny motherfucker
    I actually do like this idea. It's true I think dominant use of latest threads kinda messes with forum topicality but that doesn't justify neglecting that page to try and shoo people into other patterns of use. My main concern is that showing which forum a thread exists in without visually cluttering the page. Two lines is already a little tall for a thread row, I don't really want to push it up to three as less content fits in a fold (less important if you're on desktop but very important if you're on a small phone). Right alignment conflicts with admin controls but that's not strictly the end of the world. IDK, any ideas that don't increase line height?

    PRs welcome of course.
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    This is a trip down brain cancer lane

    I still like this idea, also how do I submit pull requests?
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    This is a trip down brain cancer lane

    I still like this idea though. How do I submit pull requests?
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