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speedball for babbys

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    level 0: caffeine and alcohol
    level 1: wellbutrin and kavalactones <- peasant me right now
    level 2: benzedrex and poppy tea
    level 3: ritalin and hydrocodone
    level 3.3: adderall and oxycodone
    level 3.6: dexedrine and dilaudid
    level 4: heroin and cocaine/methamphetamine
    boss level: [h=1]4-Methylaminorex[/h] and [h=1]Desomorphine (Krokodil)[/h]
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    this thread is stupid and i feel like shit
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I'd slam 4-methylaminorex and desomorphine. That shit would be glorious.
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    arthur treacher African Astronaut
    if codeine were easily available here, I would try making me some krokodil
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    which part of your body would you necrotize first?
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    Dissociator African Astronaut

    for focalin and oxycodone is actually pretty nice
    not euphoric because I don't remember what euphoric feels like but its pretty nice
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    arthur treacher African Astronaut
    which part of your body would you necrotize first?

    none, because my lab conditions and precursors would be clean
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