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digging a tunnel without getting smashed

  1. A College Professor Space Nigga [your moreover breastless limestone]
    guys i asked my mom if i can ahve a shovel and one of those awesoem orange buckets from homo's depot for my birthday and she said yes.

    plus my dads a paneter so he has awesome ladders i can stele from him and i want to dig a tunnel to my friends house but my dad said god damn it you better not or yoll get crushed alive.

    anyway so im gonna dig the tunnel anyway lol. im just wandering how i can keep all the dirt from falling on me once i start going out flat towards my friend.

    my friend joe has a onkel that works at the lumbar yard so i can probably sneak in and stele some boreds if i need some
  2. EllariaSand African Astronaut
  3. Esplender Tuskegee Airman [my gynecological profit-maximising katar]
    You have to build them fancy wood arches along the tunnel to prevent cave-ins.
    I'm not an expert but this video might help you:
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  4. i'm in the market for some 2 by 4's because I'm building a well for the children in Cambodia so i will be in contact with you thx
  5. RisiR † 29 Autism
    Are you really in Cambodia?
  6. Have you ever seen better call Saul? Those tunnel diggers are cool as fuck.
  7. A College Professor Space Nigga [your moreover breastless limestone]
    the germans?
  8. NARCassist gollums fat coach
    who remembers that user on zoklet posting pix and trolling everyone that he'd dug a tunnel half way across the street from in his front room?

  9. NARCassist gollums fat coach
    can't remember who it was now, was it poast?

  10. CandyRein Naturally Camouflaged
    ROFL! @ homo’s Depot
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