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A - Z Drug Synthesis

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    Ghost Black Hole
    A is for Amphetamine
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    Ghost Black Hole
    An unlimited lifetime supply of ampetamine would not be very expensive to make.

    Usually you just mix benzaldehyde and Nitroethane for p2np and reduce to amphetamine but Nitroethane has become very tightly controlled because of its use in MDMA manufacture and terrorism.

    An alternate synthesis would be
    to make p2p from MEK and benzaldehyde via Baeyer-Villiger oxidation and catalytically hydrogenate it to amphetamine.

    You could make a kilogram for a few hundred dollars if you set it up properly.

    Another way you could do this is get a bunch of Mandelic Acid (acne cream treatment, like Salicylic acid but stronger) and reduce it with HI acid (potassium iodide and phosphoric acid) to make phenylacetic acid to phenylacetone and then you do this

    A mixture of 40 g (0.3 mole) phenylacetone, 200 ml ethanol, 200 ml 25% ammonia, 40g (1.5 mole) Al-grit and 0.3 g (1 mmol) HgCl2 is warmed with vigorous stirring until reaction takes place, after which warming is stopped immediately. Cooling should be applied if the reaction becomes too violent. When the violence of the reaction has diminished, the mixture is refluxed with vigorous stirring for about 2 hr, concentrated in vacuo to 200 ml and poured into ice water, alkalinized with 120 g KOH, and extracted with ether. The extractions are treated with 20% HCl, the resulting water layer alkalinized and extracted with 150 ml ether. The organic layer is dried over Na2SO4, the ether evaporated, and the residue distilled in vacuo. Yield: 12.5 g (30%).

    Preparation of amphetamine sulfate yielded 96-98% product with a purity of 99.2-99.8% (USP grade).

    Above reaction is nearly 100% OTC. Mandelic acid is not hard to get/make. HI acid is also pretty easy to make of you have the right glassware.

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    Ghost Black Hole
    B is for Benzodiazepine
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Starting from Toluene.

    "o-Toluidine can be synthesized from toluene. The direct aromatic amination is very effective when done with a parent nitrenium ion, but o-toluidine can also be synthesized in other ways. For example, by the amination of toluene with methylhydroxylamine or hydroxylammonium salts in presence of aluminum trichloride"

    Once you have o-Toluidine you can proceed to start making the precursor

    "100 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid (1.2 moles) and 50 ml of water are poured into a 500 ml flask. 43 grams (or 43 ml) of o-toluidine (0.4 mole) are added and well mixed in order to convert the o-toluidine into the o-toluidine hydrochloride. The solution is cooled with shaking in a salt-ice bath and the o-toluidine hydrochloride separates as fine crystals. By keeping the mixture at a temperature of 0-5° C and by vigorous shaking in the salt-ice bath the o-toluidine hydrochloride is treated with a solution of 28 grams of sodium nitrite in 80 ml of water with shaking. The o-toluidine hydrochloride dissolves as the more soluble 2-methylbenzenediazonium diazonium salt is formed, and at the end of the addition of the sodium nitrite the solution should contain a trace of nitrous acid. 2-methylbenzenediazonium is not stable and should be consumed."

    Then you can make 2-chlorotoluene

    "The solution of cuprous chloride is cooled in an ice bath 0-5° C temperature. In this cold solution, the 2-methylbenzenediazonium is poured with constant shaking and allowing the mixture to come to room temperature. After about 10 minutes, the mixture gradually warmed with a good shaking. As the temperature rises the brown addition product begins to decompose with the evolution of nitrogen and with the formation of an oily layer of 2-chlorotoluene. When the decomposition reaction is at an end, the mixture is steam distilled, continuing the process only as long as oily droplets are present in the distillate, for the product is not appreciably soluble in water. The layer of 2-chlorotoluene is carefully separated and washed twice with an equal volume of concentrated sulfuric acid, which removes both the 2-cresol and the azo compound. Then 2-chlorotoluene is washed with water in order to remove the inorganic acid. Finally, 2-chlorotoluene is dried over calcium chloride, distilled, using an air condenser and collecting the product boiling at 153-158° C. Pure 2-chlorotoluene boils at 157° C. The yield is 25-30 g."

    Then you make 2-chlorobenzaldehyde

    And then you can make 2-chlorobenzoyl chloride

    "The present application is directed to the preparation of 2-chlorobenzoyl chloride by the reaction of 2-chlorobenzaldehyde with chlorine in the presence of phosphorus pentachloride"

    The synthesis is nearly finished now and we just have to form the benzodiazepine ring structure

    "3. Clonazepam (5-(2-chlorophenyl)-1,3-dihydro-7-nitrobenzo(1,4)-diazepin-2-one)
    (see swiss patent 580,087, workup: US patent 3,335,181)

    The 143 g (0.36 mol) intermediate from step 2, 101 g hexamethylenetetramine (urotropine) and 36 mL 99 % formic acid are suspended/dissolved in 5 L absolute ethanol, the mixture is refluxed with stirring for 4 h, and then the mixture is concentrated in vacuo to dryness. The residue is dissolved in 2 L dichloromethane and 4 L water, the organic layer is seperated and mixed with 2 L ethanol. Over a 20 cm vigreux column, the dicloromethane is distilled off and the residual solution is cooled to 0 C for 24 h. The almost yellow-white crystalls of Clonazepam are vacuum-enhancemented off and washed with 0 C ethanol, after drying, about 90.9 g (80%) of Clonazepam are resulting, mp. 235-237°C."
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    EllariaSand African Astronaut

    You’re a chemist

    Name the glassware in the order

    Explain the principle behind distillation.....layman’s terms

    What are boiling chips and why are they added....not googled 🙄

    Explain what a “base trap” is in layman’s terms...not googled.....
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by EllariaSand Lol

    You’re a chemist now…

    Name the glassware in the video…in order

    Explain the principle behind distillation…..layman’s terms

    What are boiling chips and why are they added….not googled 🙄

    Explain what a “base trap” is in layman’s terms…not googled…..

    Thanks for ruining my thread bitch.

    I'm on my phone but the synthesis of HI acid is done in a round bottom flask on heating mantle cranked up to max heat and the trap is to catch hydrogen sulfide.

    Boiling chips are added to create nucleation points and you add them BEFORE the heat is cranked up or else everything goes sploosh
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    EllariaSand African Astronaut
    No dear.....boiling chips are added to inhibit boiling in the round bottom flask

    Of course your “on the phone” lol

    The distillation tube is used to collect the distillate at the proper the different parts of the solution will evaporate at different temps

    The red tubes introduce cool water into & out of the distillation tube to control the distillate collected

    What you posted was said in the video

    Love these pretend chemists
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    EllariaSand African Astronaut
    Long conversation

    Or problems understanding what you googled well enough to explain it in layman’s terms??

    Carry on
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Seriously thanks for shitting up my thread with your fucking retardation

    You want to fuck with my threads with your stupid bullshit posts? Fucking bitch I can play the same game.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by EllariaSand No dear…..boiling chips are added to inhibit boiling in the round bottom flask

    Lol that's wrong. Thanks for shitting up my thread with your highschool homework kiddie Bullshit.

    I have never reported someone before but I have also never seen a thread ruined by such a retarded cunt.
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    EllariaSand African Astronaut
    Oooo he mad

    Or are you just pretending to be mad.....sort of like how you’re pretending you actually understand anything about the chemistry involved in these googled processes your posting about?

    Make your little thread ya wanker.....and save your retarded threats for someone who believes the bullshit you post....mmmmmmK 😉
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by EllariaSand Oooo he mad

    Or are you just pretending to be mad…..sort of like how you’re pretending you actually understand anything about the chemistry involved in these googled processes your posting about?

    Make your little thread ya wanker…..and save your retarded threats for someone who believes the bullshit you post….mmmmmmK 😉

    Post your homework questions somewhere else little girl.
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    EllariaSand African Astronaut
    Moron you’re too stupid to understand the questions

    Much less answer them

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Name one thing wrong with any of the synthesis I have posted.

    You can't.

    Its all 100% correct and you can't find any of this stuff on Google.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I posted this exact thread on The Hive and here's the reply I got.

    See how this person isn't a retard? You should try it sometime

    This is the kind of discussion I was hoping to start on the forum but you had to post your off topic spam bullshit that has nothing to do with my thread. Go post your homework somewhere else and fuck off, kthnksbye

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    Re: Clonazepam from Toluene
    « Reply #1 on: Today at 10:18:54 PM »
    Actually I was researching into that topic too. I'm sharing my results but unluckily I don't have any references for the steps anymore but they were quite easy to find (like prepchem or molbase). After all, I decided to put this aside however because it got too complex and had one or two chemicals involved that I didn't want to work with.

    I went the way down until everything was available to source. Sorry for this sloppy picture but it was on my whiteboard before and I quickly brought it into digital.

    That paper was my starting point:
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    EllariaSand African Astronaut
    That’s odd dear

    I found them all

    Before you edited the links that is lololol
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I posted that exact link
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    EllariaSand African Astronaut
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    Ghost Black Hole
    You are posting links I already posted.

    Enjoy your ban

    Just reported all your posts in this thread to lanny

    "Says I edited the links in my post when the edit was 5 minutes later for grammar/spelling mistakes.

    Disrupts my thread with "WELL I CAN FIND ALL THOSE ON GOOGLE!" when I posted the Google patents and links when I first posted it, not after the edit.

    Clearly trolling/intentional disruption from a mentally retarded troll. This one is MUCH worse than Well-hung, he might have been a cunt but at least he made threads and didn't derail as hard as this bitch does.

    I made the exact same post on another forum and nobody shit up my thread there.,16011.msg54176377/topicseen.html#msg54176377"
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by EllariaSand

    Reported for intentional disruption.

    Enjoy your 2 week ban like your friend well-hung

    "She is just posting the exact same stuff I posted and trying to disrupt my thread.

    Please just delete the thread I can't stand to see all that hard work I put into my post ruined by some stupid bitch on her period"
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