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Synthnoid crack hell

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    Dissociator African Astronaut
    Even if sk 47 24k gold isnt laced with cahinones that make synthnoids cracklike I fubar'd it all by taking my daily focalin after a focalin already syncan binge and only sleeping about 10 hrs but whatev

    recombo dna is lyfe
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    Get a real stimulant you tryhard, sploo-wannabe faggot.
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    Dissociator African Astronaut
    nah I bought it cause I know a guy from rehab who trades spice for weed, im already good just did 1/3 fof it because why the fuck not if theres nothing else to do
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    do you ever get it where it becomes hard to breathe on spice? it happened a few times and it reminded me a lot of an opiate overdose. basically, spray every drug ever on random leaves, have something that has no distinguishable effects besides making you blast off into immediate blackout territory
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    opiates in spice- rarely but it happens. mostly numbing.
    stimulants in spice- make it more euphoric, but overpowered by cannabinoid effects. makes you think you're getting sniped in your basement.
    dmt analogues in spice- probably indistinguishable from the spice
    pcp analogues in spice- disgusting retarded robotic feeling
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