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snorting wellbutrin is addictive and you don't even know WHY

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    im uh, prescribed an antidepressant, but i snort it like coke every day
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    this is the wellbutrin song
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    it's repetitive, dull, lasts too long, but the hook gets you
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    And suggests violent tendencies.
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    Dissociator African Astronaut
    BAysed yuuns
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    Burns too much to be worth it.
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    it feels like glass for a few seconds but it subsides quickly

    probably a good way to get a deviated septum though
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    chem2211 Houston
    Wellbutrin and tina go well together.
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    mashlehash victim of incest
    any effects you're perceiving are placebo.
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    any effects you're perceiving are placebo.

    It's an NDRI. Cocaine is an NDRI, so is Ritalin. It's just a relatively weak one.
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