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  1. tje2607 Houston [issue my leonine harrier]
    Just wanted to know the most painless way to commit suicide?
  2. jump off the worlds tallest building

    Or just stab a bunch of people until the police come and have an epic fist fight with the cop where he disarms you and you go "KILL ME YOU FUCKER JUST DO IT!" and he simply just wrecks you with a baton and cuffs you and you get life in prison where you just want to die ASAP so you pick fights with the biggest baddest gang members and don't blink an eye when they shank you, you fight the entire prison and spend years in solitary where you reflect on your life and suicical ideations and realize you were never meant to die, you were meant to fight and kill so you try to redeem yourself as a prisoner and do your best to qualify for parole and get out in maybe your late 50's or 60's and when you do get out you will either try to integrate yourself back into society and make up for all that lost time or say fuck it and break into a daycare and rape like 10 children before dying in a blaze of glory with dynamite and stuff.
  3. NARCassist gollums fat coach
    seen this asked like 3 times in the last month

  5. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by NARCassist seen this asked like 3 times in the last month




    Combine all three for maximum effect.
  6. gadzooks Dark Matter [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
    You still alive?
  7. Leaning toward opioid overdose myself

    I've had a few instances where I've woken up with a needle in my arm, not remembering what had occurred. I'm hoping that's what death is like.
  8. No!
  9. obviously opiates with benzos
  10. gadzooks Dark Matter [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
    Bump for closure...?
  11. -SpectraL coward [the spuriously bluish-lilac bushman]
    1. Jack up car and remove front tire
    2. Place head directly under rim
    3. Release jack

    note: legs will splay out violently and then slowly settle to ground
  12. aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    dynamite helmet
  13. PrettyHateMachine African Astronaut
    Make a cocktail out of barbiturates

  14. Water intoxication
  15. PrettyHateMachine African Astronaut
    Seriously OP ignore all the posts in this thread except for mine.
    Don't try any other method as there is a likely chance it wont work and at the very least the other methods will be very painful.
    If I ever decide to suicide then I'll take the barbiturate route.
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