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How to get opiates (foolproof)

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    Dissociator African Astronaut
    Methadone clinics pretty much accept anyone as long as they can pay, they didnt even wait for my urine screen to come back to verify I had an opiate addiction, I got my first dose the same day

    I guess if youre in alot of pain or want to get hai, methadone is the way to go

    the shit lasts fuckin forever its amazing
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    bling bling Dark Matter
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    bling bling Dark Matter
    heron is already 30 a g we dont need to beg like a dog
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    Cheyes Tuskegee Airman
    swim has thought about methadone before and even more thought about suboxone, which he's actually used before like 3 times (during wd though) but the biggest reasons he doesn't is because he'd get ripped off his gaba which he currently values a lot more than some govt cuck opiate that prevents you from getting high on real opiates and causes lots of problems long terms
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