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Cosmology is nihilistic bullshit

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    I got into the flat earth thing a while ago and I don't really like these people. And they just want to deny anything that doesn't fit their view. It's a big circle jerk.

    But it has made me believe that Nasa, and other space programs are bullshit artists. And Nasa is kind of what validates this religion of Cosmology.

    And what flat earthers don't see is why the lies are important. Cosmology is nihilistic. Nothing matters because we are just this tiny ball flying through infinite space away from the big bang to the deep freeze. Even though polaris stays above the north pole they KNOW that we are spinning 1000mph and going around the sun at 67,000mph and flying through infinite space at...I forget what it is.

    Even though the moon landing was a hoax they KNOW these stars are light years away. And even though the thermosphere is supposed to get up to 3000 degrees we are supposed to KNOW that these satellites supposedly taking pictures of earth are real and there is a spaceship orbiting the earth at 17,000mph.

    I watched that cosmologist Krauss (a "jedi") on the Joe Rogan experience. And he just amazes Joe Rogan with his bullshit. It's fairy tales just as much as any religion. All with the theme that you are insignificant and don't matter.

    So that's what I got from researching flat earth. I don't believe it's flat based on southern star trails and the fact that things in the distance are obscured from the bottom up (not to 8 inches per mile squared) but still obscured. You can see things you shouldn't be able to but not the very bottom.

    And evolution is another one. they both go hand in hand. You are being lied to.
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    Nil African Astronaut [the overexcited four-footed chanar]
    How would the earth being flat make life any more meaningful?

    Does accepting that organisms change extremely slowly over time make steak taste worse?

    The fact that I'm the product of 2 people fucking 20 some odd years ago, the result of a causal chain stretching back billions of years or gods special creation doesn't matter to me.

    And you probably are insignificant, most people are in a universal, social, historical sense. but it's not like that really matters to the subjective experience of your life.
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    fag Houston
    Do you have a compound?
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    Nil African Astronaut [the overexcited four-footed chanar]
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