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Monology to a Triology :

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    benny vader YELLOW GHOST
    AKA : DELL AND NIGGER CENTURIA .... the roadd, the long road to Centuria Eurabia.


    [originally posted in &Z]

    This was something that I wrote back in october or december of 2008, back when Obama was on his winning streak, winning delegated there and caucuses here .... and everything as is including and not limited to grammar/typo/speilings ets-etc as sic as it can be sic .... I was ..... Eight ....

    Eight fucking years younger then ...... (and for those of you who'd seen it thar and then, your now 8 years older, know this) .....


    Do you remember back in the good old days, at a time when all computers were white ? All the computers ; a device we had came to percieve as powerful and versatile and "intelligent", the device we would come to love and have intimate relationship with (not sexually) they all came in white and only white ??? And even if they didn't came in pure white, they came in off-white ... in sort of asian-like white.

    But that all changed in the late 90s when Dell started promoting and shipping computers that came in a very different color ; NIGGER color. YES !!! Dell was the first to introduce Nigger Computers, and very soon, the market was chocked full of newer, more powerful, superior computers that came in and only in nigger color. And after that, everybody is making nigger computers and nigger input devices and other peripherals... and just like that, a whole new genre of miscegenation thrusts itself violently into our daily lives ....

    We begin to come across the very disgusting and very distasteful scenes of nigger mice that'd shamelessly plug their plugs into the ps2 port belonging to *WHITE* CPUs here and there. Almost everywhere, there they were, nigger mice intimately paired together with white keyboards. Sometimes, nigger keyboards were being coupled with white mice. And seeing a huge nigger, 19" CRT stacking itself ontop of an old, helpless, white CPU (forcefully) that's lying horizontally on the desk was not uncommon in those days. In the industrial sector, one wouldn't be surprised if he went to work one day and suddenly saw a newer, and faster nigger server standing on a spot previously occupied by an old white server. And there it stood ; side-by-side its senior, white servers as EQUALS instead of being there just as slave servers, and worse .... sometimes these newer nigger servers instantly became master servers of all servers in the entire building, as if affirmative actions applies to servers as well ...

    and do you remember the facial expression of joy and pride your co-worker had when a box of new darkie DELL came to replace his old white DELL ? Do you ????

    And it wasn't long before an entire new generation of mongrelized computers were among us, white CPUs with a nigger combo drives stuck deep into their drive bays, ... white 14" CRTs separated form their old and white CPUs and then paired up with it's newer, bigger, noisier and nigger CPUs, orphaned 52X CD drives or zip drives finding refuge in nigger PC families, and the lists of mongrelization goes on and on. And now, just merely a decade later ... trying to get a one-color-only, non-mongrelized personal computer system is almost impossible ...

    And inevitably we began to identify, and devide computers into two "race" of computers, white computers, and nigger/mongrelized/mulatto computers. We then began to percieve these newer nigger or mulatto computers as superior, and the old, obsolete and ALL WHITE computers as inferior, and had thus, subconsciously associate NIGGER (BLACK), with SUPERIORITY. People who walked into a cybercafe equipped with both white and nigger computers would always choose to sit infront of a nigger computer, to submit themselves to and depend on a nigger computer. At schools that were equipped with good old white computers and nigger computers, the school children too, opted for nigger computers. And with nigger computers became increasingly fashionable ... so too are the things that are related to them, things that constantly come into close and intimate contact with our skins. Things like cellphones ... Ipods, and nigger berries. And in the end, the natural repulsion we had against all things that came in nigger color, people included ; disappeared.

    [2010 edit : In fact ... it could be argued that the real reason Madona "adopted" nigger kids was because she thought babies are just like IPODs, and having nigger IPODs = cool, so having nigger babies in her arms would also .... be cool. ]

    Now you might say that computers are just computers, just another electrical appliances among dozens of other we possesed and computers had nothing to do with people and their mentality, but then you'd be wrong. This is because computers are unlike other electrical appliances we have like fridges, washing machines or blenders. Computers are personal, very-very personal. Computers are an integral part of ourselves, they're an extension of ourself, a manifestation of our internet personality in this physical world where our physical bodies exists. They're what we express ourselves with at home or at work. Computers are how we sees ourselves !

    So the guy who choose to sit infront of a nigger computer in the cybercafe just now will now suddenly and unconsciously feels the urge to hang around infront of a bunch of nigger friends and talk, walk and act according to the expectations of his nigger friends as soon as he left the cybercafe, or to sit infront of a niggress during a date and live up to her expectations just like how he had acted according to the OS/software/device expectation of that nigger DELL in the cybercafe justnow.

    The bunch of white school children that was impressed and awed by the speed and the power of the new nigger computers at school suddenly and unwittingly began to admire the speed and the violent power of the people that came in the same color their new school computers came in .... the nigger color. And thus, a whole generation of wiggers, chinkgers, and spicrgers and all kind of ___ggers came into being ....

    But not just that. Over time, and over regular exposure to the scene of nigger computers intimately connected to white computers via lan cables, and the fact both nigger and white computers consumed and produced the same optical discs, internet protocols, and bits and bytes had inevitabily acted as a disensitizer, and had thus disensitized us to the scene of nigger-white intimacies or couples ... and we nolonger raised our eyebrows at the sight of these abominations.

    And now, in real life, just merely a decade later, the niggers had infiltrated into every aspect and segment of our lives and had implanted themselves in a position of power and control. Everywhere we turned our head, there's always a nigger in charge or in a position that can be conceived as having superiority over others.

    Look at golf, and there's Nigger Wood. Look at tennis ... and there's Niggress Williams. Look at British Fomula 1 champion, and there he is ... Nigger Hamilton, and now look at the most likely person to be the next most powerful person on the planet ; and there he is ... Obama B. Nigger.

    [2010 EDIT : And now, look at us, posting in a site that is owned by a [-deleted-] ..... (and in a way; submitting and subjugating ourselves under HIS power and authority). I bet he's using an array of multi-colored input devices aswell ..... ]

    Can we, having known all these facts, and then deny the possibility that there exists some conspiracy between Dell and some unknown entity to bring us into an era of nigger hegemony, and to bring the world into ... a ....

    Nigger Century ???

    [RIGHT]I ... for one ... cannot.[/RIGHT]
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    And now, a generation and a half later, we,

    we no longer even raise our eyebrows at the sight of abominable mench that comes in an equally abominable color, the nigger color, forcefully reappropriating not only our monies and properties, BUT EVEN OUR HERRITAGES AND KULTURE !!!

    JA !!!!!

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    oh my

    ireland has fallen.
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    i would have sex with all these females
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    they dont have penises tho.
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    i thought you liek penises.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    You were 8 in 2008?
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    Originally posted by Sophie You were 8 in 2008?

    paragraphing was bennys ways of doing long coma.
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    i wish i am as insightful as benny vader. he saw this coming from 6 million miles away some 6 million hours ago.

    hott damm.
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    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny


    That looks photoshopped
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    and now, some 20 years later, not only does your mermaid comes in an entirely new and equitable color ....

    but color-correcting this nigromination that they forced unto you earns you an IRREVERSIBLE CANCELLATION from all known social media !!!

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    Ghost Black Hole
    lower caste thread for non whites brains only!!!

    Originally posted by Ghost there he goes again , a lower caste trying to be relevant through racial bickering. Sorry but white people don't care about such things because we're white, we know we are better than the others, end of discussion.

    Lower castes feel the need to constantly discuss their inferiority complex.


    Originally posted by Ghost Remember folx your most racist "allies" are actually just as dark or sometimes darker than the "niggers and kikes" they hate so much.

    Don't you hate niggers like candyrein too?? Lololol zD whip a slave and fuck a nigger fuys! Well-hung is black btw

    This post has been brought to you by the white hand committee forcing anonymous peoples to reveal their palms since the 1830 railroad buster militia

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny and now, some 20 years later, not only does your mermaid comes in an entirely new and equitable color ….

    but color-correcting this nigromination that they forced unto you earns you an IRREVERSIBLE CANCELLATION from all known social media !!!

    you aren't white so why do you care what white media does LOL, it's not made for you, lower caste.
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    Originally posted by Ghost you aren't white so why do you care what white media does LOL, it's not made for you, lower caste.

    well because once the white mens gone and/or castrated dem niggers gonna be did done commin fer chinamen n' sheeeeiíttttt.
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