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House passes $1.2T federal spending bill, sending measure to Senate ahead of midnight shutdown

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    Fantastic. More government spending. Let's see what the money will be used for, surely it will be used for the nation's most pressing problems, like our international debt crisis, the opiod "epidemic", and the rising cost of goods like food and cars.

    Here’s what’s in the $1.2 trillion fiscal year 2024 spending package passed by the House on Friday (with a Senate vote still pending):
    $200B cut in federal spending over the next 10 years.
    $6B in clawbacks of unused COVID-19 emergency funds.
    $27B increase in defense spending from fiscal year 2023 — including 5.2% pay bump for US service members.
    Hike in CBP & ICE funds, including $125M in OT pay for Border Patrol, salaries for at least 22,000 agents and 41,500 detention beds at the US border.
    $3.3B for continued funding to Israel for war with Hamas.
    $300 million to purchase new arms, equipment and ammunition for Ukraine.
    $1B for climate change work at the Pentagon.
    Elimination of taxpayer funding for UNRWA relief agency for Palestinian refugees.
    $200M for new FBI headquarters in Greenbelt, Md.
    $50M cut in funds for DEI programming at the Pentagon.
    Funding to provide 12,000 special immigrant visas for Afghans who helped the US military during war against Taliban.
    20% cut in funding to NGOs that help settle migrants in the US.

    Providing visas to 12k Afghanis? They are importing Low-Skilled laborers into an information economy. How many Afghanis do you know that code?

    3.3B to Israel When Israel could have crushed Hamas and annexed the entirety of Palestine (Maybe save for Gaza.) if they wished to. But, Alas, they are going to draw out the conflict in order to have a reason to recieve foreign aid.

    200B cut in federal spending over the next 10 years. It doesn't matter how much you cut spending by if you are just going to raise the debt ceiling next year and approve another half trillion or more spending package.

    $300 million to purchase new arms, equipment and ammunition for Ukraine. Ukraine no longer has the demographic structure to participate in the Russo-Ukrainian war, but Russia's demographic structure has been slipping since 1945. Hopefully Ukraine kills enough Russians to the point that, when the Russians win, they will only annex a few provinces, keep Crimea, and implode. They don't have the manpower to occupy all of Ukraine, Even occupying Donetsk might be difficult, even though Donetsk was torn apart.

    $200M for new FBI headquarters in Greenbelt, Md. At least it isn't going in Wyoming.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    spend spend spend! consume!
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