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Taking over the analog television airwaves to use them to transmit internet data

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    Oh it's all digital now and you can't put a bunny ears on your TV to get TV anymore. How the fuck did that ever work anyways to prevent people from just stealing "cable" I guess because cable came from the cables but then wtf did we have rabbit ears for

    I'm old enough that I have used ears. Here's my question is if you can use ears to watch kike TV why can't I use the same wavelength of transmission to post this message which is probably less than 1mb total in data

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    there's no way this is a coincidence

    they both flicker
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    Incognito2u African Astronaut
    That was one of the reasons for switching to digital from analog was to free up bandwidth for use in other ways
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    "Other Ways" like a p2p pirate TV analog meshnet. Now that I think about it, it could only really be read only which I still think would be powerful like imagine if you could read this thread without being able to respond but you can read it off rabbit ears on a TV

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    because transmitting on tv frequencies require more energy,
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    cryptographiccontrarian African Astronaut
    try multiplying it by some sinusoidal functions idk
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    cryptographiccontrarian African Astronaut
    convolute it, dope the semiconductors, ve it to its discrete form, take that shit to infinity, send it to the CIA in the form of numbers and creepy music tell the public its some cold war shit but actually its to open the portal with the large hardon collider
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