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My chronic diarrhea is cured 😎🤘

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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    After 5 years of having nothing but diarrhea I finally took 1 imodium and now I haven't shit at all in many days.
    Can't believe I went through 5 years of constant diarrhea and ill it took was 1 pill to fix.
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    Ghost Black Hole
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    Originally posted by Ghost oxycontin?

    Xanax pills?
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    Rape Monster Naturally Camouflaged
    Kratom works great at combating diarrhea too
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    mine was caused by alcohol and ibuprofen. I eat a ton of yogurt now and take edibles instead of NSAIDs n it seems to have sorted my shit out
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    Instigator Space Nigga
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