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Physicist makes $300k jediing CCs Money Order and Gift Cards

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    Donald Trump African Astronaut
    A physicist’s financial experiment netted him $300,000 From Credit-Card Rewards

    °American Express card offered unlimited 5% rewards at grocery stores and pharmacies after he had spent $6,500.
    °Use reward cards to buy $1 coins from the US Mint. The transaction has no shipping charges.
    °Used gift cards to buy money orders, then used the money orders to make deposits in his bank account, then used that money to pay his credit-card bill.
    °In a $500 transaction, the 5% rewards would yield $25—more than enough to cover gift-card fees of about $5 and the $1 fee on the money order.

    I don't really understand all of the scheme, but it seems legit.
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