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    Originally posted by Wariat how hard is it to pull off nne rostitute nes tho like at bars or clubs?

    get hard and stuff your cock into my asshole.
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    Originally posted by Antifa Member Its true and explains a good portion of you mommy problem fucks.

    I have two moms and a dad :)

    i have frequent sex with your dad. he says my asshole is tighter than yours after the years of sexual abuse you enjoyed from countless male members *cough* of your neighborhood.
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    Originally posted by POLECAT 98 degrees isn't all that hot

    my asshole is hot. jam your cock into it and see for yourself
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    Originally posted by Solstice How much cocaine and hookers did you buy to max out a credit card in one trip

    not enough

    now fuck me in my asshole in payment for my consultation fee
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    Originally posted by Robert Mugabe Why not fill bags in your cart as you shop then walk out? Looks more convincing pushing a cart out with bagged goods.

    fill up my ass with your cock
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    Originally posted by Joseph R. Biden Jr, 46th President of the United States of America Crack you nut

    fuck my ass
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    Originally posted by Ghost i wanna shove that inside my girlfriend

    shove it in my asshole first
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    Originally posted by Obbe Explain your views on j3wish and black peoples. How did you come to this point of view? Is your opinion based on real world tangible evidence, and if it is, what is it? While you're at it, explain what you understand about white supremacists. Genuinely interested in your actual viewpoints and not looking for lame one-liner joke responses.

    if you need to ask these questions youre asleep or retarded

    now fuck me in my asshole and make me bowlegged
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    Originally posted by Solstice You could be a serial killer rapist and I'd still buy chicken sandwiches from you if they're good

    ill give you a chicken sandwich if you rape my asshole
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    Originally posted by Bill Krozby I posted a picture of my booty on here before lol

    with a dick init.


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