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Practicing Patience

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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Look, I am a drug addict.
    That means I chase anything that can give me that instant gratification.
    If there is a wad of cash in my pocket, chances are I am thinking about impulsively spending it.
    Unfortunately I rarely have a wad of cash so I am forced to wait around and look here, look there, look online and network with colleges on where I can find what I am looking to accumulate to make my life more full.

    Where I am at now I feel plateaued.
    As if I have reached the limits of my capabilities when it comes to amounting to something.
    What I feel I must do and what I have been informed of via friendly advice is to start paying off debts in order to build credit back.
    Now Im not a communist or an atheist but Id rather just roll with the dough and not with the IO-U...

    Things that I could do to really help right now are all things that require ME to be proactive about and I am way to content to change yet I must.

    Im going to start with making some reasonable goals for myself this week.
    Things I really need to do if I ever want to gain anymore than what a bus route allows.

    Step 1 I am going to focus on getting my license and addressing my crushing mountain of ignored debt.
    Probably going to make a list of more stuff but for the moment I think I will be methodical and diligent.

    What 1 man can do with a shovel pails in comparison to what 10 men can do with 10 shovels.
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    You been talking about getting your driving license and taking the hep pill for like 3 yrs now jist do it opie , none of it even makes any sense really

    *kisses shell in the lip and crams a wild gay black dildo up arnys ass opie*
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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Step 2 I am going to stop smoking.
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