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Getting people hooked on bathsalts

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    nonarky Houston

    this lady got hooked on some bath salts that makes her horney all the time and she just begs for cock in middle of the road!

    how do you trick random people into doing bath salts so they go crazy and fuck shit up?

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    ACAB Houston
    Embed you shitnigger.

    "Bathsalts" is also my most hated drug-propaganda term. I fucking hate it.

    The thing with Pyrovalerones ala MDPV, a-PVP is that they have to be administered regulary over some (short) period of time to induce true psychotic states so if you want to create your own sex slave maniac you need some stash and a save location because they gonna lose their shit in a not sexy manner quite often as well.

    I'd recommend Scopolamine for some true voodoo doll fuck slave action but it's quite hard to dose so you might need a few more subjects.
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    tell them it's coke/meth. Give it away for free. Tell some kids it's molly and let them snort it or eat it.

    I love getting people hooked on drugs and then stealing their shit. Or feeding them dope until their brain goes flussssshhhhhh and they wig out and jump off my balcony screaming about a raid or think my old hippie friend Bill is an FBI agent especially when I start calling him agent Billiam.

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    bling bling Dark Matter
    what is th cheapest most potent mdxx substitute?
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    ACAB Houston
    what is th cheapest most potent mdxx substitute?
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    bling bling Dark Matter
    i herd u can buy many gallons of dpt from china its farmed from dead babys
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    what is th cheapest most potent mdxx substitute?
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    bling bling Dark Matter
    how make salt into meth
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    how make salt into meth

    You can make the hydrochloride salt of Sudafed into meth pretty easily
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    bling bling Dark Matter
    do i put ot on my fukcing chips
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    hydroloysis of the salt into sodium metal and use in a birch classic to reduce freebase ephderine in AA 88--0-0
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