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  1. Admin Tuskegee Airman
    Do any of you do it?

    I got one of those at home sauna things for like $200 on Amazon and was using it at the beginning of the year but stopped. I only stopped because I got busy.

    Last week I noticed my face looked fat but I only weighed like 155lbs and I'm 5'11". I realized that the Red Lobster(I get free gift cards) I was eating and the beers from Buffalo Wind Wings(again gift cards) was puffing me up with water weight due to the sodium and dehydration.

    I've been soaking in this for about 50 minutes a day and have also up my normal water intake by about five pints and I can see a big change. I've literally deflated my face and now weigh 150 and touch into the 14x range.

    I've also been running again, and I still lift free weights lightly. But I think the sauna has pulled a shitload of water from me.

    I feel much smaller but only weigh five pounds less and its only been a week.
  2. WellHung Dark Matter
    What's the deal with these gift cards?
  3. Admin Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by WellHung What's the deal with these gift cards?

    They're gifts.
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