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How do you crack/Bruteforce activation codes?.

  1. Ghost African Astronaut
    I want to use this program "NESmaker" but you need an activation code. They gave out a few hundred, I don't know the hash string or anything like that.

    Is there any way to crack this program?

    "This is the beta that was originally dubbed "The Memorial Day" beta, now called the Pi beta (due to it being version 3.14xxx of the tool). You can download the ZIP file for this NESmaker version here, however you can only run it with an activation code, which will only be provided to NESmaker beta backers. If you are a NESmaker beta backer, look for an email from us with instructions."
  2. esbity African Astronaut
  3. Grimace African Astronaut
    lern2kali (and all its assorted goodies)
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