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phenibut opinions?

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    Discount Whore 2.0 Houston [retell my unflavored scrape]
    anybody here ever give it a shot? Im thinking of ordering some to try, but im afraid of getting addicted. I dont like taking addictive substances anymore. I can handle Crouton but if phenibut is as bad as benzos ill skip it
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    Discount Whore 2.0 Houston [retell my unflavored scrape]
    nobodys tried this?
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    it sucks. it's like a benzo minus the part where it takes your anxiety away
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    Originally posted by greenplastic it sucks. it's like a benzo minus the part where it takes your anxiety away

    I disagree. Its a pretty shitty drug though. Ive had some pretty good experiences that felt better then a benzo. A weird euphoric drunk feeling, but that was short lived and after gave me bad headaches and after only using it for like a week and a half i had the worst withdrawl symptoms ever. How id imagine a benzo heroin and alcohol combined would be. Worst symptoms beinh constantly restless and having this horrible feeling of intense fear. It would come on in waves where there would be periods id actually feel strangely happy then it was back to hell. That lasted for days till i bought some T-PAIN sodium. The past winter has taught me how shitty nootropic drugs are. Drugs in general are shitty do em except weed mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnmnnnnmmmkjgdgjrsfhjresc
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    Mother fuckers i wrote T-PAIN not tpain
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    This site fucking gay
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    hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    it's super mild, and in no way recreational. it helps anxiety quite a bit without the fucky feeling regular benzos give you. I'd say go for it, especially if you have anxiety issues. You won't get addicted, just rotate days on and off.
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    i puke get really horny and cant drive and it was addicting say no to drugs DARE TO BE SOBER
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    its recreational if you take enough but by that point you will want to take more the next day and more again plus the threshold for recreation bordered between puking my brains out and falling over constantly
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    Discount Whore 2.0 Houston [retell my unflavored scrape]
    I dont want it to get high. I want it as an alcohol replacement for an upcoming work thing I dont want to go to since there wont be any alcohol there.

    Has anybody ever ordered from liftmode? They appare to have the best price
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    fag Houston
    I've heard bad stories about addiction to phenibut but I've taken 30 klonopin over the past 48 hours so IDK. I would just go to a doctor and tell them you have anxiety and they will probably prescibe you some benzos.
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    Discount Whore 2.0 Houston [retell my unflavored scrape]
    benzos make me dysphoric, thats why im looking into alternatives. I used to have a kpin prescription long ago
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    Discount Whore 2.0 Houston [retell my unflavored scrape]
    Okay I got my order and this shit is pretty good. Two hours in
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    Discount Whore 2.0 Houston [retell my unflavored scrape]
    Don't get why people hate on this
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    I like it a lot, hydromorphone gave me a 30 gram tub which I used over a month or so, usually skipping a day in between doses but not always. Found my sweet spot around 1.5-2 grams, taken in one dose.

    Big reason I skipped days apart from trying to avoid tolerance and potential slight withdrawal is because I find that a single dose of that size actually had anxiolytic benefit carrying well into the next day, kind of like an afterglow of sorts, and oddly enough I felt even better the day after taking it than I did the day of the dose on many occasions.

    Actually been meaning to order more, thanks for reminding me.
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    fag Houston
    If its good then its addicting.
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