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phenibut + T-PAIN + nutmeg

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    good combo zongo?
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    Phenibut is bad...very very bad
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    Originally posted by Sir slappy the sea turtle Phenibut is bad…very very bad

    fuck you im great
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    Lol when I have meth and weed I have no desire at all to do DPH,bundy or anything at all really. The only good drugs are the ones made from plants or simple non analgolous versions like Ketamine, PCP or LSD.

    If you want downers or opiates just get some #4, fuck fentanyl and all the synthetic opiates, heroin is king you are all just kicking the can when it comes to a real opiate high. Even #4 is too weak, black tar 6MAM collapse your veins, if you aren't dying you aren't really high.

    I don't even know what phenibut it but its sounds like a butthole peanut butter analog made from some crap a chinaman had left over from making real dope. Just do benzos or something not gay, buy local and support your clandestine chemistry community. All these people you cucks give money to pay taxes to fight the drug war. YOu are the problem, fuck you.

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    Originally posted by Oasis fuck you im great

    I felt okay for about a week or two of taking phenibut then suffered the worse withdrawl symptoms ive ever had. I imagine it to be like a combination of benzo and alcohol withdrawls that come back over and over in intense waves of severe fear and discomfort.
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    bling bling Dark Matter
    da dank hady codenez uperior
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    RestStop Space Nigga
    Weird...phenibut was the one nootropic I've tried that did jack shit...I couldn't even tell when I had taken it when I did..nootropics are known to have tons of non responders though.
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    You people know nothing of recreational drug abuse.

    I like to get high I don't take random shit off the internet for attention on Zoklet like you faggots. I have been in the drug game since early childhood, people that seek highs are the enemy of the state.

    Even talking about a proper high will get you made fun of around here or any drug community. Fucking rattoxes ,all of you.

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