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Alright, guys... Listen up

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    kick Tuskegee Airman [discourteously tickle this dendrolagus]
    I brought cootie bootie to come live with me, tonight. I brought her suitcase and I want her to stay. Deplore, not the fact that I went and did time... Nevertheless... I mean... Guys... Look... It might not seem sophisticated... Even I told CJ, I told him, we gotta find what we can fuck and move... NOW, LISTEN.... Is it beligerent? So what I'm on disability. And life gets hard, my Mom and Dad couldn't do it... I'm not about to reinvent the wheel. Grow, evolve. That's what life's about. As it so has just turned out, YES, I do love my little Woman.. And, look man... You can try and rationalize it, but look at what-a'-were-a-a coach said, Man... He said statistically, 50 percent of people are going to get a divorce on the team. Why fight such an obtuse statistic. That's 5 billion people... Yeah, right. And she's here to help me. Like-ie-were-ie-were-ie-were-ie were that dain 'ol paster say, ma𝑒, the woman is here to help the man.

    That all. We gon live our lives. I don't have no problem with Milena's daughter, I really don't. But I'm not about to let my lil ol lil ol tiny just suffocate her, when she can be using that time to relax to recoup so she can help Me

    I know that came out wrong, but it really is. We need these numbers, and we need these people. I really do want lil tiny to be happy and have a good life, but no-you-I-yes- I agree I understand how you don't want someone just coming in here and burning up the gasoline. I get it, that's fair. Let me work with her... I'm trying to keep my patience, and let me, - . ... Let me have some time with her to get her conformed, and I will get her on track, and I'm try and get us back in 'er. We're working. Just give us time. She needs to grieve her Mom. And I'm not disenfranchising her daughter's hawaii trip, but we-, we really need to get busy so that we don't lose the flow..

    So, I-, uh, huh, I, ie, yea. Give me a little time, and I'm planning on breaking us into the classroom. Cootie bootie has to realize, she has to be good. I'm-we're not nazis. We just really got to get busy.

    Hungry dog gets the bone...




    Ok, let me hop off here and I'm gonna grab a shower.. Good night out there guys Proud of the runners, Proud of everybody. I'm try hit the gym tomorrow, so I can share some gains with you, and I'm gonna take care of cootie bootie. Get some rest, no circuses, be good to your people. Don't over do the brew... Fuckin, I don't know guys, turn on a movie and let it play while you get into bed. I'll be checking the forum in the morning to check up on the nigga news

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    cryptographiccontrarian African Astronaut
    fuck rationalization, thats the kind of shit you see on here when fools gotta all pile on some dumbass one liner or some shit thats not even funny. mfers really be out there stating their opinion like its fact. shit. its not about size its about time but really its about that mental which im sorry to say for many isnt even there in the first place
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    kick Tuskegee Airman [discourteously tickle this dendrolagus]
    business meetings with myself
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    General Butt.Naked African Astronaut
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    Michael Myers victim of incest [divide your nonresilient tucker]
    We're not nazis?! Whaaaaat? That's outrageous! Then what are we? :o
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    kick Tuskegee Airman [discourteously tickle this dendrolagus]
    Originally posted by Michael Myers We're not nazis?! Whaaaaat? That's outrageous! Then what are we? :o

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    Banana Muffin Mix Tuskegee Airman [your disgracefully climbable neckwear]
    listen down
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    Michael Myers victim of incest [divide your nonresilient tucker]
    Originally posted by kick Fifty-Percent

    50% nazis? Nice.
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