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this game was so far ahead of its time: stonekeep

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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist
    damm i heard of this game but never played it. sceon or anyone else have you played it or experienced it back in the day? it seems way ahead in the enemy movement animations, combat system and how digitized and realistic everything is than any dungeon crawler i can think of on the nintendo 3ds in modern times or ios ipad games or even indy dungeon crawlers trying to cling on ghe past in modern times thst vome out on steam.

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    Yes, I still have a boxed copy of this.
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    Octavian. Houston
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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist
    did you ever best it? it seems as if its only possible with a walkghrough and guide next to you but even then hard.
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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist
    the box art is off the hook.
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    It's a holographic pic (The skeleton)
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