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I'm having a really good day (financially) everyone.

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    Bradley Dark Matter
    Hey I know I normally post a large amount of negative things, either about myself or about other users or about the world because a lot of the time that's how I feel. But today!!!! Wait till you hear this.

    So I'm in 5 classes, 4 of which i hadt eh books for, the last was a math class that I didn't get transferred in (they put me in a intermediate algebra class that i took in 8th grade) and put me in a calc class starting Monday. So I don't have teh book, so I didn't get it right away, so today i went to get it because it's needed my professor said. They told me they no at the book store.

    Mind you all of my fees, costs of this semester are paid for under the homeless voucher waiver of tuition i was awarded.

    They told me they couldn't RUN IT AGAINST MY ACCOUNT because it was no longer August. I'm like are you fucking kidding me, so I go to the Financial Aid office expecting to have to bitch and cry and moan and beg for this 97$ to pay for my math book. So they told me well we close the accounts 9/1 so that we can issue you a refund, i said im not getting a refund im here on the homeless fee voucher waiver program, and they said nah u still get hte pell grant minus what you paid for in books.

    3052$ everybody just for 1 semester. My income right now is 11,500 a year on the dole for being cripppled, so minus that hunnid dollars (which i just put on my debit card like a boss cuz fuck it) i signed up for direct deposit and am getting 3052$ put into my account in the next week!!!

    that brings my income to a whopping (cuz imma get it again next semester) to 17,400! Almost doubled!!!

    So I've decided I'm gonna use this money to buy a 3,000 mattress, go on vacation and order some 70$ pizzas.

    Just kidding, I'm going to spend 100$ on a nice fishing reel for salt water, 60$ on the shoes RIPTotse told me to buy, and treat myself to a nice computer mouse and a yoga mat. The other 2800 I'm gonna save in a separate savings account. All my bills are paid, I got like 1700 in t he bank, i looked it up and this money award won't affect my SSDI, things are kinda working out for me.

    Isn't it crazy when good things happen to bad people?

    I feel so good about everything today, that I think I might buy some Noopept brain chems too, I haven'te ven had a cigarette today, just 3 pieces of nicorette gum.

    I'm really happy with everyone and to everyone who read this post, I hope you're happy with me too.

    Users who aren't happy about my successes: RIPTotse.

    TY to everyone who pays into the system that's going bankrupt because of people like me, I appreciate it.
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