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Ball sttetchers

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    What's a good one I thought I found a good one but there store is in. San Fran and literally all the product pages on there website has a pic of a guy kissing balls I'd rather just get one from normal people not sexual deviants who don't believe in creating life, but only on corrupting it
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    A College Professor motherfucker [your moreover breastless limestone]
    literally i know theres several stretchers on this site but they wont admit it , sad smdh.

    I parked my rental car in the hotel parking lot overnight. Some thief stole the catalytic converter. Am I responsible for the repairs?

    Umm…what does the rental car company say?

    You know…the ones who can give you the most defintive answer?

    Here’s how it’s supposed to work: You call the police and the rental company. The police take a report, the rental car company sends out a new rental vehicle and a tow truck for their damaged vehicle. The hotel property may or may not get involved; but their interactions will be primarily with the police and the rental car company. They MAY provide you with a free night or rewards points for your inconvenience, although they may not. And then you go on with your life.

    You have no responsibility for acts like vandalism or theft of an item from their vehicle. While some of the shadier outfits might try to bill your insurance for the damage, you simply need to provide your insurer with the police report and they’ll handle things from there. This is why you should only deal with the name rental agencies as anything else invites problems.

    Call the police.

    Call the rental company.

    Get another vehicle.

    Find a better property to stay at next time.

    NOTE: I have disabled comments to this question as people have been answering the question in the comments section which is unacceptable.

    If you disagree with my answer, write your own in the appropriate area to do so.
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    Was suppose to be here a week ago but the Jeff bezos locker is always full so it's going back where it come from
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