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where would you rather be

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    Wariat Marine/Preteen Biologist
    at a sausage fest or a gentleman’s club?
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    Ghost Black Hole
    whichever has the most boobies
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    Back when I was a young-fella-me-lad I work temporarily for this building materials distribution company...lots of rough chaps working there. We had a works canteen who used to serve us lunches for a quid or so...a bit like school lunches and the ladies behind the counter doing the serving looked like school lunch ladies (and probably had been).

    I was in line one day and one of said burly gentlemen was slightly ahead of me and the lunch lady said to him...with spatula in hand:

    "What do you want luv"

    And he quick as a flash popped out his willy, laid it on the counter in front of her and said

    "Put some o' yer gravy on my Saveloy" (a popular type of sausage in Britain)

    Equally quick as a flash she raised her spatula and brought it down with such force...but fortunately for him he was slightly quicker and just managed to withdraw said sausage in time before it being transformed into a waffle.

    ..we all laughed heartily.
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    Originally posted by Wariat at a sausage fest or a gentleman’s club?

    Both are sausage fests
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