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Doing weed weirds swim out but doing beer chills me down

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    Literally drinking beer and someone is whispering rap music to themselves and I'm like thinking to myself umm 🤔 O.K. nice there in the zone I guess. Literally if swim was on weed swim would be like 😒 why are they whispering that shit trying to fick with me in the head greats ficking pig fuckers is this real life
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    Have you tried doing both? Also weed with no tolerance actually sucks I don't personally enjoy it, I remember after living with HTS for months not being able to get weed I got it and smoked and just felt uncomfortable and awkward and too high to function. But now when I smoke I feel a rush of energy and my mind goes into a very god relaxed place and I feel Irie mon like Bob Marley.

    when I get home I smoke a big fat bong hit of hash and weed and pound back some hard liquor and I feel GOOOOOOD erry day but my tolerance is high so I can smoke weed non stop and be functional somewhat
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    Swim has tried.doing both back when he was a young fella me lad and the best way I can put it is like black eyed pees the intro to that song where.fergy belts.out LETTTTTTS GETTTTT REEEEEEETARDED
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    Has SWIM tried low THC/high CBD weed?
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