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Side job is over...

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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    It was such a good plan but fate had other ideas.
    Told my buddy about a house that was cheap and we were going to flip it.
    Unfortunately it took way too long to gain possession of and literally the very next day work at my job picked up again leaving me very little time to help him.
    He was also too busy to do much other than a little here and a little there while sub-contracting out other parts.
    I told him last week that it wasn't looking good on my end and I was unsure if I was going to be able to get much more done and if so when.
    Thankfully he had multiples offers on it as it was and managed to close on it today.
    He said he made a profit anyways and Im sure he did.
    I have no doubt he easily made $20-30k in the month that we fucked around not accomplishing anything.
    Anyways he hit me up to ask me how many hours I worked there and I told him I wasn't even interested in getting paid as it didn't go as planned and wasn't finished.
    Sure, he made a decent profit but that easily could have not happened too had anything stupid happened in the world.
    Big risk/big reward (this time).
    Honestly if it wasn't for him getting such a deal buying the place he probably wouldn't have made much money if we hadn't finished like we didn't...
    He said to stop by tomorrow after double checking my tools were out of there and get paid.
    After the 22.5 hours I barley managed to put in on that job I really don't even care.
    I feel like more of a piece of shit not seeing it through just out of principle than anything.
    At $20 an hour that's $450 I made then after factoring in gas and junk food I probably will walk away with $400ish.
    Originally I expected to see a couple thousand dollars on that job easy but work picked up and there were just not enough hours in the day.
    I do feel good about being out of that contract now and not having that feeling of guilt whenever I'm not making an effort to get over there and work.

    I doubt there will be another house to flip in the near future. He doesn't have time and neither do I.
    Maybe some other side jobs will come up down the road but I am trying to get back to just getting by on 40 hours a week and having time to myself to learn programming.

    Now I only have my own stupid side projects to finish up and that to do list already feels like I'm chasing the dragon.

    I am always going to want more. Whether it's money or fun or just time to sit and relax but in this case it is a know when to fold them type of scenario where he could have kept it going for longer in hopes we would complete it but a lot of extra work and stressing out might not have made much difference at the end of the day.

    My guess is that if it was totally finished he could have probably made another $20k but it would have cost $10k and a couple more months.
    Better to just be happy we made any money versus kicking ourselves for not going all the way and breaking our backs.
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